I think a lot of people have diverse headcanons for the sake of being diverse.

World’s baddest person


*scrolls through endless scat porn while eating breakfast*


I need to poopie

Reblogging for the day crowd.

I need to poopie

And okay, goodnight, guys. I’m going to bed now.

Also, the “downer ending” episode of bojack horseman was a very accurate portrayal of how dreams work, and I applaud the writers. Good job

Also, for Halloween, my girlfriend sister and me are going to be dressing up as the white girl mob.

Today I went to the fair and got sick because I rode too much rides, and I was in me mums car, and she was driving around with the windows rolled down to suck the mosquitos out, and when she irolled them up, I had to puke, so as I was telling her to stop, I vomited in my mouth, right? So I scramble to open the door so I don’t puke in her car, but the doorknob is in a different spot then I was used to, so I vomited all down my arm, and it was terrible.