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iphone snapshot of some powerlines but its sunrise so the sky is sorta pinkish and maybe theres a tree in the bottom left corner

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You can tell who’s oppressed by what they are fighting for.

Women in other parts of the world fight to have an education, to be able to walk in the streets and not be stoned to death. They fight to be able to marry who they want. They fight to be able to live a healthy life.

Women in the western world “fight” to take a song off the radio, “fight” to not have to shave their legs. “Fight” to silence anyone who has a differing opinion.

Just a thought.

Sasuke: watch out for my chidori
Sasuke: Okay, but you are no match for my sharingan
Sasuke: Nice, but can you handle my ultimate justsu, Susanoo?

nevermind. watching it in 2.5 hours

brb to watch godzilla

Naruto shippuden: Ultimate ninja storm revolution.

that’s a mouthful

It’s thundering outside my house right now, and it’s making me uneasy. I blame my mom for freaking out every time it stormed. She’s sorta filled me with that stigma.


someone had the nerve to call me a furry

the rat bastard.

I had an awful dream that they made a movie where spike had finally grown up. Not like a full grown dragon, but the lanky teenager version. And i guess i was at a con coz i only got like, a ten minute preview, but all i can remember thinking is “i hope this is like eqg and doesnt actually remain permanent in the show.