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prices are:

black and white (sketched) headshots are 10$

black and white waist ups are 15$

colored headshots are 15$

colored waist shots are 20$

hey guys, heyyy this is back again. i’m well into college and currently out of work since the work season at the zoo is practically over (we work outside and once it gets too cold, the party’s over). in the mean time, i am searching for work, but need the money to get to and from school. 

we’re currently in the process of moving, but we’ll be w/o internet for the first two weeks or so, so i’ll have plenty of time to do commissions and get them sent out the next day. progress pictures are available as well, so yeah.

my paypal is!!!

please message me if you’re interested or if you have questions.


taking an indefinite break from tumblr because this site is garbage


This comic is a blight on society

I went to a Mexican restaurant today, and i must say, they played some of the best anime music I’ve heard in ages.


the nerve of me


the nerve of me